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Zazie: In May 2007 The most delicious taste station of İstanbul Zazie opened in Nişantaşı,Atiye Street.Zazie were presented The Best New Restaurant of 2007 Award at the 7th Time Out İstanbul/Miller Food&Beverage Awards.
Erpiliç: Ranked #4 in the sector, and highly ranked for wide variety of its products, Erpiliç is one of 6 companies that obtained pre-export permit for AB. Delivering both great taste and high quality, and gaining the trust of Turkish consumers, Erpiliç has established its place in the market with processed food products.
Polonez: One of Turkey’s meat products brands.
Bafetto: Bafetto added a new dimension to the gourmet Italian pizza with its gourmet fast food concept and its slogan “Very good Pizza, very good price”. Bafetto opened its first branch on Bağdat Street , which followed by 2 more branches within a year. As thought by Italy’s best pizza masters, Bafetto’s pizza dough waiting at least 48 hours for optimum fermentation.
Köşebaşı: Since 1995, Köşebaşı is the only restaurant chain that is true to the traditional recipes of South Anatolia. Köşebaşı has managed to capture this traditional taste and is committed to continue to offer not only a cultural event but also an introduction to Anatolian lifestyle.
Köşebaşı was voted as one of "World's 50 Best Restaurants" by the 14,000 members of Conde Nast Traveler magazine and was awarded with "International Tourism, Hotel and Catering Industries Prize" as the best representative of the traditional Turkish cuisine. Kosebasi was also cited as "the best kebab restaurant in Istanbul" by Time magazine

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