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Health & Beauty

Merck: Merck is a global pharmaceutical and chemical enterprise with around 40,000 employees in 67 countries. Merck is the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company – its roots date back to 1668. The Pharmaceuticals business sector comprises innovative prescription drugs as well as over-the-counter products. The Chemicals business sector offers specialty products for the electronics, printing, coatings, cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and biotech industries. (Corporate PR, Media Consultancy and Project Management)
New York Presbyterian Hospital: The university hospital of Columbia and Cornell Universities, is a global leader in health care, and is renowned for its excellence in patient care, education and research. (Project Planning)
Houston Methodist Medical Center: One of the leading hospitals in the world, receiving approx. 400 patients from Turkey each year. (Corporate PR, Advertising and Media Consultancy)

Wellness Center
: Opened in Nişantaşı-İstanbul in September 2002, Motus serves an elite customer profile with top notch quality standards, offering recreational services like fitness, sauna, solarium, etc. Motus also differentiates itself by being a unique beauty institute with Guinot products and as a Pilates Studio accredited by The International Pilates Foundation. (Brand Launch, Corporate PR, Media Consultancy, Marketing Consultancy, Project Planning, Sponsorship Management)

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